Thursday 14 February 2008

ely number 2

at last i have started my second piece for ely cathedral. the exhibition goes up near the end of march, so i'd better get a wriggle on. although no actual work has taken place, i've been mulling over ideas in my head for weeks and these two little pieces (5 square) are the first of 40 pieces i'm planning on doing. rather unimaginatively, it's going to be called 'skyline 2'. i love doing stuff like this...having a pretty clear idea and having it go well is so satisfying. i'd like to get a couple more done before getting ready for...wait for it...a valentine's day dinner with my husband, gasp! yes, after 16 years of telling me that valentine's day is no more than a load of old commercialised bollocks, sam has surprised me with a night out! organised more than two weeks ago. amazing. have a great one with your loved ones, folks.