Tuesday, 11 March 2008


ok, here's the deal...the above little canvas is called 'imported' and was made for my etsy shop a while back and i love it. it was posted around the time i could barely keep them in the shop, they sold as soon as i made them. in fact, when i get a bit of time to myself i shall make a new batch. this was my favourite, and it got left behind. it has had thousands of views...and even when the other week the etsy viewing totals got wiped out, it's still one of my most viewed items, even though it's right at the bottom of my shop. i really, really want this to go to a good home. i'm not beyond begging. in fact, if you go to my shop right now and buy this collage (it's 6"x4" by the way) i will also throw in a packet of my gocco printed flat cards and another handmade surprise goodie too. just type in 'yay! it's mine!' in the notes to seller section of the checkout process so i know you read my blog and they're all yours. see? i'm not beyond bribery either.

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monda-loves said...

looks like it worked - i just went to your esty shop to check it out and it has sold already. Well done you.