Saturday 8 March 2008


one thing i have been doing lately is checking out kitchens for the farm. i've been really indecisive about what style i the moment we have glossy white which is surprisingly easy to keep clean despite two sets of sticky fingers. i have toyed with the idea of having the same again, but i would really like a change and i've always hankered after a wooden one and preferably made to my spec...yeah, in my dreams, i know! but all the kitchens i've seen have too many things wrong with them for me to bother me pedantic, but i want flat wood doors with absolutely no adornment, completely plain. but then a few weeks ago, holly from decor8 posted about danish company hansen living and out of curiosity i took a peek at their website and i was sold! i sent off for their brochure and although they don't have a price list as such, their price for an average sized kitchen wasn't completely out of our the next stage is to send them plans and get a quote...oh, exciting.
on a side note, i am currently watching the 'neighbours' omnibus...i have cried a total of three times in half an hour. i tell you, i'm tragic, there's no hope.


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Unknown said...

Kitchen sounds fabulous.
Yes I've been crying at Neighbours this week too!

Francesca said...

do we know what's wrong with susan yet?

that kitchen is stunning. i also love the glossy ones, red gloss is lovely but this one is wonderful, love the drawers and the chunkiness of it.

Anna Betts said...

Oooh! Yummy, kitchen! I just remembered a company I studied when I did GCSE woodwork (yes, it's true..) who do lovely stuff a bit like this, more livingroom/bedroom stuff than kitchens though. you probably know them already but incase not

I have other exciting furniture-related news for you but I shall email you about it later... the suspense!