Friday 21 March 2008

messy then tidy (with a mouse)

i decided this morning that my work space was so disgusting that something just had to be done. so i spent the entire day cleaning and happily rearranging my stuff when holy crap! a bloody mouse ran across the floor and hid behind my wastepaper basket. and then something happened that i had no control over at all: like a tom and jerry cartoon, i jumped on a chair and screamed. i am horrified to admit it, but i was completely pathetic. i wrung my hands, and shouted for sam to come and catch it (which thankfully he did, laughing his head off, bloody cheeky bugger) afterwards, i actually was a little bit shaky and tearful. i can barely type this i'm so ashamed of myself. i didn't even know i didn't like mice until today...well actually i still like them, just not in my house if you get my meaning. i kept thinking i could feel it running up my trouser leg. yuck.
anyway, after all that excitement i carried on dusting, hoovering and getting rid of tons of rubbish and i feel jolly pleased with myself. but i must get better storage facilities in my work room...all i seem to do is re-stack boxes against walls. but at least there are no lurking dust bunnies behind them now :)
hopefully you can tell that the above pic is a 'before' and the second one is after.


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sue bulmer said...

i so know where you are coming from re: the storage. I keep doing exactly the same with my boxes against the walls. Except tonight we have to sleep in that room as we are having people to stay, dunno how we are gonna fit it there!!!

Francesca said...

yes don't worry, we can tell! i think you need some big muji storage drawers and definitely a bigger desk.

we have the odd mouse, i'm ok if i don't see them but we did have a cheeky one that came out in the day and was sniffing around our kitchen. i screamed and jumped on the coffee table. he came to a sticky end, literally. he got stuck to some gaffer tape and ben had to put him out of his misery. he screamed like a girl. (ben, not the mouse).

Francesca said...

mmm, thanks for leaving that charming comment about murdering animals on my lovely 'spring shapes and colours' post! anyhoo, in order to prevent the mouse from coming into the kitchen, we gaffer-taped up a hole without realising his sheer strength and determination. during the night he leapt through the hole and got stuck to the tape. a nice surprise in the morning let me tell you. i made ben hoover him up. it was a battle between the tape and the vacuum. uuughh!

Francesca said...

much better. ta!
p.s happy easter.

Anonymous said...

It looks much better and I love that storage thingo on the wall. I had to do a tidy up too as my Mum has come to stay for a few days. Luckily no mouse...yet.

Helen Cuthbert said...

I am glad to see that I am not the only one that has the same problem with can never have enough. I went out and bought as many draws as I could afford from muji the other day and it is still not enough!! I love your post about the big wide world of blogging too and as a relative new comer it is pleasing to see that I am not the only one overwhelmed by talent! Just thought you would like to know I posted about your blog some time ago as a fellow suffolk-arian we do share lots in common!! please come by sometime.