Saturday, 1 March 2008

new stuff

i'm going to have a shake-up as soon as i can of my etsy shop...after an amazing few months up to christmas, january was quiet and february has been dead...i have to admit after listing something everyday and barely getting any views i've let it slip over the last few weeks. but in the background i've been beavering i thought i'd give you a sneak peek of some new work...notebooks in different sizes (i've taught myself how to make them from scratch) and some new flatcards. i'm waiting to get more done before i list anything though...and i've got an exciting new commission from a company too...but that's a bit top secret right it's all go!

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Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

I hear you. Dulllldrums. Heck it inspired me to have a cleaning house studio sale in hopes to get some older stuff out the door.

It is pretty normal but it seems to be coming a bit early this year. I think the US economy problems have a lot to do with it. And just the general sense of unrest in the world.

Or maybe it is just the bees. Because they keep dying.