Friday 18 April 2008


well, the talk went really, really well...despite my nerves which my husband found pretty funny..."what's there to be nervous about? you're getting paid to talk about yourself for an hour!" thanks darling.
more importantly, i'm nipping in today to let you know i'm going to have a bit of a blogging break for a while...i'm finding what with juggling with housework (or lack of it) trying to plan for the new house, making stuff and listing on etsy, working on this quilt 2008 piece as well as looking after two children is making my stress levels sky-high and i need a break. i'm becoming obsessed with checking my emails and etsy and various blogs and i'm forgetting about the other stuff, like taking the boys to the park and having fun. i may well find it hard to keep away...and i'm finding it pretty ironic that this has happened after my last post which was going on about how amazing this past year has been...perhaps i jinxed myself by listing all my achievements!
many thanks to all my commenters know who you are, and i've appreciated every single one. take care all :) signing out for now xxx


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Ali said...

Totally understand the need to step away from the keyboard! See you when things are a bit less frantic.

Swirlyarts said...

Have a good break! I could do with one as well - oh well, one day!

sequingirl said...

HAve a good break, i know what you mean about checking etsy, emails too often. I have started having only set times a day when i let myself on, too easy to keep popping back, then another 30minutes/hour has gone by. Must focus on the making, that is why we are here. Good luck

Francesca said...

i know how addictive it can be lu, totally understand. but please keep in touch, i'll email you soon for a catch-up.

Kimberly said...

Hello. :) I enjoy following your beautiful work. I recently purchased one of your Etsy items and it now is hanging, and quite beautifully, on my wall. Thank you for sharing your wonderful work and talent with the world. :)

The Hobbit said...

Met you through the Christmas ornament swap---have been following you since then...enjoy the break---take time for yourself and when you return you'll have so much to tell