Friday 25 April 2008


feelin' better this week and tons more positive...despite a bloomin' leak in my workroom which is going to involve a plumber digging the floor up. today i've been packing all my crap up and taking it to the farm to store until the floor has dried out/been fixed. and my god, do i have some crap. and there's still some left...i've lost the will to live today so it'll have to wait until tomorrow to be finished.
it's going to be interesting working with the minimum of materials though...i've limited myself to keeping a couple of small boxes of stuff so i don't go too mad not being creative and decided to keep my box of felt, my hand sewing threads and my badge maker to hand 'cos what do you get when you combine those three things together? embroidered felt badges of course! loving making these and i feel several experiments coming on...they're very reflective of my summery mood...despite the fact i turned 33 yesterday. yikes! (but i did get an ipod nano out of the deal...good ol' sam!)
pssst...thanks so much for the comments on my last post :) so kind x


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Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back Lu, I know I for one have missed reading your blog. Considering I never bothered with blogs before now, I check yours daily!!

Abby x

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday :)