Sunday 27 April 2008


i made my first treasury! i couldn't believe it when i nabbed it so's the first time i've ever bothered trying. you can view it in all its glory right here!


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Francesca said...

lululululululu! thank you so much for putting me in such a gorgeous treasury...such beautiful things. i have a betsy walton print, it's my favourite framed item in the house, which is saying something! i've tried to do a treasury but i couldn't get my head round it!

monda-loves said...

i've never been lucky enough to do one yet - i've tired a few times but each time in gets to 333 - it's straight back up again before I've had the chance to get in there with my submission...

Did you know you are on the front page of etsy now? I've just done a screen grab so can send it to you if you like?