Tuesday, 29 July 2008


i'm having a tiny unexpected blog break due to the annoying fact that i've got nasty case of conjunctivitis (thanks boys) there's no pic today cos i can't see properly to take one...in fact typing this out is not a fun task what with weeping eyes and all that. what a lovely picture of myself i've painted for you over the last couple of posts - an overweight, scummy eyed, over tired, harassed mother of two. lovely. see you soon, when i'm back to normal and i may have actually done something interesting to show you.
oh, on a side note, my lovely gorgeous cousin nell (*waving to her, cos she reads this sometimes*) was here for the weekend and i was scrolling through her camera pics when i came across one of her and ned from neighbours...i was nearly sick with jealousy! she's also snogged a before-he-was -famous orlando bloom, and sat on a train with joshua jackson. she's a celeb magnet i tell you! (she's gonna kill me for telling you this...)


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Anonymous said...

I cannot believe you wrote that!!
I'm ashamed to say, my muscles are still killing me from swimmming on Sunday, how terrible is that?! xxx
ps. I have also met most of the Doctor's cast, ahem.

Anonymous said...

um, hyperventilating here - snogged orlando bloom??!
oh my.

none said...

I once saw Orlando in a Spanish restaurant in London and that nearly made me pass out. It was before Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the C so no-one else knew what I was blithering on and hpyerventilating about. I do have Jack Nicholson's autograph mind you (but he's not at all snoggable and believe me, even less so in real life!)