Saturday, 26 July 2008


i'm a fatso. i've been eating rubbish for far too long thinking i'm getting away with it, but two days ago the sad truth hit in me in the face when i couldn't get on a favourite pair of trousers. so, the weightwatchers stuff (left over from having babies!) has been dragged out and i'm up and running (not literally, bike riding's more my thing), and strangely i'm already feeling better - i drank my 2 litres of water yesterday and i feel really good. someone once told me that if you felt hungry (in the middle of the afternoon when you're tempted to snack), to drink water, you might be dehydrated and i think they're probably right. i barely drank anything except tea, so all this water is a shock to the system as well as the bladder, i got up about 3 times last night, heh.
anywoo, i'm working on the above for my neice, she's 10 on tuesday, i hope to goodness she likes it...she'd probably prefer make-up or something a bit cooler. ah well, we'll see. have a happy (and sunny!) weekend :)

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HomeGrownLife said...

What a brave step to take! Keep up the good work (and the water intake!). It is amazing how just starting the changes makes you feel better.