Wednesday 27 August 2008

enormous tiny artshow

last year i paticipated in nahcotta gallery's enormous tiny art show and it was great fun! i like working small scale anyway so it's no hardship to make pieces 10" or smaller. anyway, it gets hung next week and this morning i had a lovely congratulatory email from jan from poppytalk giving me the link to a post they did about nahcotta yesterday. oh, excting! it's funny how you make stuff, it takes over your life for a while, you send it off then promptly forget all about it. one day, i'll make it to the opening :) you can some of the completely amazing work included on nahcotta's flickr photostream here.

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sue bulmer said...

I've tagged you, and given you an award! Have a look on my blog for the rules; pass on either or both of the awards, and consider yourself tagged if you want to be.Hope you don't mind, but i'm looking forward to your quirks, i'm sure they will make me chuckle!

Re: the fabric you have just done, could you let me know how you got your screen prepared, or were you v clever and did it your self? They look so good I wanna give it a try!!