Thursday 28 August 2008


i've been tagged by lovely blogger sooziebee. i'm meant to tag a bunch more people but i'm going to wimp out on that bit, sorry :) but i'll do the other bit and list 6 quirks that you never ever wanted to know about me:

1) i have a strange aversion to baked beans and raisins (or any dried fruit really)
2) i hate not wearing a watch - it's the control freak in me, i feel naked without one.
3) if i wear nail polish on my fingernails, i sweat excessively.
4) i'm weird about numbers, especially odd ones - unless they have a 5 or 7 in them. i can't, for example, watch tv if the volume level in on '23', i have to move it to an even number. shite, that's bordering on ocd isn't it?
5) when i'm nervous, i go blotchy. damn you, pale skin!
6) if i'm talking to someone not from the uk, i tend to play on being very english. i speak really properly and say things like 'gosh, really?' and 'jolly good', very much in the manner of the famous five.

so there you go. if you didn't already think i was a looney, you do now. if you want to do your own list of quirks, feel free to consider yourself tagged.


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Anonymous said...

I knew it, you're a loon! ;) Not really lovely lady, I'm sure everyone has quirks like that. I'll go post mine now just to prove it x

Swirlyarts said...

Hmm some OCD tendencies there but everyone has those I'm sure! I also blush like mad when I meet someone new or I have to talk to someone new and it drives me mad. I'm not shy really but it does take a bit to get to know me :)

Duni said...

LOL, especially quirk # 6

everything in my home needs to be symmetrical & I don't like triangular shapes.

Francesca said...

'bordering' on OCD, did you say?

i have many things like that actually, and i too hate baked beans. it's a phobia actually. ooh i feel gloopy just thinking about it. stop it! stop it!

sue bulmer said...

hey there, me too on the blotchy nervous thing, sometime i hate being blonde!! Ta for joining in xx