Monday 25 August 2008

pile o' prints

well, i've been in a printing frenzy most of the weekend, trying out various colours on different fabrics and textures, and handwashing and ironing to make sure of colour fastness and so far so good. i've decided to put together little packs of small pieces (10 x 15 inches, 25 x 38 cm) for sale, i've just got to decide on colour combinations and have a mammoth print session to get them all done. i've chosen to print on this gorgeous oatmeal cotton - it looks a little like linen but has a softer handle. i shall also print on white calico (muslin) - it's amazing how vibrant the same colours look on white. it's a finer cloth though so would be best for lighter projects and in quilts. i'm just loving that leaf green colour above, and the bright pink is lovely too. the raspberry red colour is strange because the ink tends to bleed more, and it's not just on this fabric. it's a shame because it's a really rich colour - but that's why i did all this experimenting. anyway, i've got plenty of samples to start making some bits and pieces too - but what i really need is for someone to create the 40 hour day and babysit the boys. can anyone help? (oh my, school starts in just over a week...yay!)


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tiel said...

if only we lived closer. we could swap kids for a day to give each other a work day. I know what you mean. tomorrow I'm venturing on a school excursion to the airport when I could be creating and finishing projects...and a client's work!!

I think these are fabulous and I wish I could have been there for some experimenting too.

Michelle Engel Bencsko said...

Oh my, you've been so busy! Congrats on your latest adventure - it's such a wonderful feeling to dive into something new. Yes, a 40hr day would be lovely.

Anonymous said...

Yumyumyum! and mum says 'Wicked!' (because she's cool like that...). really lovely. re: babysitting, the boys will soon be old enough to come to london for their holidays. We'd like that very much and wouldn't spoil them at all! (maybe a little bit). Kisses to poorly Arth xxx

Jo said...

Lovely colours!
Let me know if you ever find out how to get 40 hour days - please!!

Heather Moore said...

Wow, Lu! This is gorgeous! And I can just see what a great texture that cotten has. Hope you sell piles of it (no doubt you will).