Saturday 23 August 2008

two shops?

ok, i'm not sure how this will go, but i've opened a new etsy shop...the idea behind this is for it to be dedicated to my fabric and the things i make from it (i've only got my magnets in there so far.) i've got quite a few things planned as far as fabric and products are concerned and i felt that mixing it up with my artwork might make lusummers look a bit jumbly. so instead of just thinking about it, i did it! but at the risk of sounding pathetic, please, please, i beg you to heart me! i'm looking like a right norman no mates at the moment...if you want to give me a sympathy heart, please check out 'summersville.'

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Anonymous said...

Sounds a great idea. I'm not registered at Etsy yet otherwise I'd rush over and heart you.

Good luck with the new venture.