Tuesday 2 September 2008

escaping for a few minutes

god i'm tired. why is it that having 14 of your nearest and dearest over is so bloody exhausting? it was a nice exhausting though, and arthur's 3rd birthday went really well. he's gone to bed full of chocolate cake (i got a reprieve with the land rover cake, he just wanted it to be 'chocolate with candles'. result.) and is probably dreaming of new scooters, combine harvesters and fork lift trucks. i was so organised this morning (unheard of) that i had time to print some new pieces of fabric in black and make a new zipped pouch. it stopped me from pacing around with the dustbuster, just daring crumbs and dirt to fall onto my lovely (and not very often) perfectly clean floor. and tomorrow, it's back to school. i love my boys, but YAHOOOOO!


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Swirlyarts said...

Anya started school this week and I am pleased that she has enjoyed it! Only need to wait until next September until Tara goes off for 2 and a half hours per day - yeah!!

smokingdrum said...

This fabric is absolutely wonderful!