Friday 31 October 2008

finished coasters and a mouse

not what i thought i'd be writing about today i have to say. firstly, my coasters have been finished and listed in the shop. secondly i was just chatting to sam while we watched 'little britain usa' when a movement caught my eye. it appears we have a small visitor that is making itself a home as i type in my shite hole of a workroom - lots of places for nest making, and a never ending supply of nest making materials. gah! i'm not keen on mice, it has to be said, and certainly not in my house. so i'm sitting here feeling all weird and unsettled and sam is telling me not to worry, blah blah. yuck. i haven't done any work in bloody ages, and tomorrow i've actually got the morning to myself and i shall sit there procrastinating because i won't want to go in my room and disturb it. bugger it.


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Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

I wonder if there's a "blah" vibe in the arts & crafts world right now. Everything I've made lately has turned out crap. Several paintings from two nights ago for instance - I thought they'd look better in the morning but the paper I'd used to wipe off paint on looked better than the so-called art. And I've seen lots of others feeling a bit blah and not getting things done as well. Weird!!

Love the pic with the little man on the edge! :-D

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Michelle Engel Bencsko said...

Yes, indeed, I am happy with the mix of your patterns rather than the basic solid binding.

Francesca said...

these turned out great lu, good decision.

Jessica Jean said...

I just happend to stumble upon your blog whole browsing and loved all your inspiration I just had to share a clip of it... Thanks for all the inspiration!

Jessica Jean