Wednesday 5 November 2008

swap 2008!

hurry, hurry! you've got until november 10th to sign up for the 3rd annual holiday ornament swap! last year i had a blast making my collage stars, this year i've already made some using my printed fabric with felt in a few different christmassy shapes that my hopefully my swap pals will like :) the above ornament was sent to me in last year's swap by tamara who has an etsy shop selling her gorgeous paper cut designs right here on etsy!
(check out her new turtle dove piece - just gorgeous!)


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Jamie said...

I would like to sign up! Can I do this if I live in the US? Thanks. Jamie V in MT

Michelle Engel Bencsko said...

I want to participate, but I haven't had an idea yet, and I'm afraid I'll make myself crazy on deadlines (oh the pressure!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug Lucy - in fact it was only because of your kind comments (and fabulous photo - can I get you to take my shop pictures?!) last year that I decided to open an etsy shop at all. Oh, and I've been lurking on your blog ever since :)
Good luck with the swap this year (I've signed up again too!!)