Thursday 26 February 2009

my mate miss betts

i miss my buddy anna. since she got all high falutin' and went back to uni to do an illustration degree to improve herself she doesn't want to hang around with old duffers like me anymore. *sniff*. i'm only jealous because reading her blog makes me really, really want to go back and do a degree, preferably on her course with her because she's a gem of a gel, even if she is tons prettier and miles younger (by 9 and half years to the day to be exact) and when i see work like this fantastic poster, i feel right proud of her, in a big sisterly way. hope to see you soon anna, my lovely! xxx


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Francesca said...

i'm envious of anna too. she's having a lot of fun it seems and doing some great work.
imagine if we'd had etsy when we were students, maybe i wouldn't have had to live on bran flakes and toast.

Anna Betts said...

Oh! Lucie you're going to make me cry!
What a lovely post. I'm sorry I've been such a crap friend of late :( Lets do something next week?
The course is fun but I am still penniless and live with a complete nutjob housemate because we can't afford to move out. So at this point I'm pretty darn jealous of your new amazing farmhouse! Swings and roundabouts I guess...I'll send you a proper email this afternoon sweetcheeks and we'll arrange something yes? xxx