Tuesday, 17 March 2009


hmmm, anna, you bugger. i've been tagged by the lovely mistress of colour + sound. gotta give you 5 of my addictions...here goes:

1. the colour combination of blue and white - it's everywhere in my home and generally crops up in my work fairly regularly.

2. screenprinting. 'nuff said, i just can't get enough.

3. copying anna here with tea. but i limit the 'proper stuff' like a good girl. i allow myself 3 cups of weak tea a day (when i get up, after lunch and after dinner) and as many cups of red bush as i like. i found if i drank proper tea all day long i was completely strung out and jittery. sad isn't it?

4. harry potter. my brother nick gave frank the first 6 so i started reading them ahead of him to make sure they weren't too scary for his bedtime story (frank, not not nick, he's 42 and has been able to read on his own for several years now) and i've read them all in the last two weeks. i went into town the other day to buy the seventh and i'm half way through. bloody brilliant.

5. the hallmark channel. just....because.

i'm meant to tag a load of people but frankly can't be arsed. i give you permission to tag yourself and tag yourself good.
psst... above is a little sneak peak at a print project i'm doing for artstream studios...more later


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Anonymous said...

You have three ladies peering out of that lefthand side of that swatch - two have three eyes and the one hiding behind her friend has one big eye! (No, I haven't been eating special brownies...)

Michelle Engel Bencsko said...

I'm with you on Mr. Potter. Good stuff, fersher.