Thursday 14 May 2009

nifty thrifting

i had a few nano-seconds sans arthur this afternoon and took a quick snoop around our abundance of charity shops. not anything too exciting, but i left my favourite shop for last and came up trumps. this cute little colclough sugar bowl and jug for just a couple o' quid. perfecto for pimping my etsy pics, methinks.

well, have a lovely day people, i am sitting here chomping toblerone* and drinking tea. nice and relaxing after the mayhem of the last few days!

*toblerone related question: does anyone ever buy toblerone from anywhere other than an airport? discuss.

ohh, and a ripple effect from being etsy featured seller is doubling my following here, so hi to newcomers! hang around long enough and you'll probably die of boredom, but you might see some pretty pictures if you're lucky.


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Andrea said...

I bought a Toblerone last night at the drugstore. A fruit and nut Toblerone, I didn't even know, now it's break food.
But Oh how I wish I bought it at the airport! On the way to Ireland or France, or even a few hundred Km west of here. Not that Newfoundland isn't wonderful. ;)
Have a great day.

Lynne said...

No! In fact, I never buy it at all - but when other people buy it (yes, always at airports) I always really enjoy eating it! I wouldn't even know where to go to buy it? Great charity shop find too.

Kristen said...

Does anyone else hurt the roof of their mouth biting a chunk off a Toblerone? Lovely crocks - my Nanna had the plates and a tureen in that pattern.

Francesca said...

re kristen's comment: yes! it's lethal!

louise35flower said...

Yep I get the roof of my mouth everytime.
Belated congratulations on being featured seller Lucie, very well deserved!!
Louise x

lina said...

hello! i just found your blog through etsy!
love your art! very fabulous:]