Friday 26 June 2009

ohhhh, bargain!

fancy a bargain? i'm taking a new broom and sweeping my fabric stocks clean to make way for new if you like half price sales, do pop along to the sale section of the shop where you will find mainly flower basket and meadow for a mere $3.50 a piece. i'm no longer printing these, so once they're gone they're gone. and as i'm just 2 sales away from 500 sales, the next 3 people to buy some sale fabric will get an extra piece of fabric for free. yes, free! it's like bloomin' christmas! (please note: the freebie will be a piece of meadow fabric of my choosing.) UPDATE: no more freebies i'm afraid, they've been snapped up by 3 lovely customers :)

currently available: (stock left in brackets)
meadow in teal (2) (sold)
meadow in rose (1) (sold)
meadow in bottle green (2) (sold)
meadow in plum (3) (1 left)
flower basket in seafoam & teal (2) (sold)
flower basket in rose & plum (3) {pictured} (2 left)
flower basket in apple & bottle (3) {pictured} (2 left)
weave in pine green (1) {pictured} (sold)

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Gemma said...

My fabrics have just arrived and they are lovely, thank you! Gemma x