Tuesday 6 October 2009


one of these days i'll take photos of the rest of the farmhouse for you to check out - but nothing is really how i want it yet...story of my life. but a new addition to the living room (white walls with one pale aqua wallpapered one, granny rug from habitat on scrubbed floorboards, fabulous fireplace with original cracked weird yellow tiles, army trunk as coffee table...you get the idea) is a little quilt made by my mum. she's a kickarse quilt maker (she's won awards for her custom quilting and owns one of these) - and this is for snuggling under on winter evenings with a good book and a mug of hot chocolate. if i can wrestle it away from ginge that is.

in other news, i'm now stocked in two online shops, laurafallulah and blueberry park, so exciting. i've got something else to show you to, but i'll wait til tomorrow i think :)