Friday 4 December 2009


i just went to visit one of my fav blogs cicada daydream and i had to laugh when i saw michelle's advent calendar. i then went off to take a look at her inspiration that she found right here. i totally and completely promise i didn't nick the idea, and had i known about the 'nice package' tree before my project i would've credited them. i really truly ran around like a chicken with its head up its arse snatching up materials and making it up as i went along! i just wanted to say that out loud, just in case you thought i was a nicker of cool ideas ;)


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Michelle Engel Bencsko said...

No way anyone is gonna call you a nicker (is that a word?)! You're one creative mama through and through. Now I'm feeling a little less crafty as I see how beautifully ornate and personalized one can go with this idea! I'm sure it's a hit with the kids.

LPFish said...

YOU! as if Lu xxx