Friday 15 January 2010

a long'un...(well, longer than normal, anyway)

so, naughty blogger that i post for ages, but i am about to make up for that for i have quite alot of news...

firstly, i got a parcel from the states the other day, although before i realised what it was, i nearly sent it away again because i had to pay £30 import tax and duties on it...grrr...but, well worth it, for inside was all the gorgeous stationery i designed for galison. i a) nearly cried it's so perfect and b) kept stroking it for only problem is that although i received 5 of everything (social notes, coasters, writers notebooks, writers notes and writers pads) i can't part with any of if you feel you can't live without any of the lushness (and believe me the quality is fabulous) you can order directly from the galison website. which of course is fine if you're from the states but if you're from ol' blighty or anywhere else it's a bit more complicated, see the galison shipping page for details by clicking here, and the friendly galison team will help you place your order!...and in the meantime if any of you fine people (from anywhere in the world) ever see my stuff in a shop or store, i'd love to know :) you can see lots more photographs in my flickr stream.

so that's that excitement. other news is that i have a new design...called 'sweetheart', it's the first design i've done for a particular 'theme' (ie valentines day) but in fairness, hearts sell whatever time of year, so hopefully it will do well. it obviously has a 'scandi' feel to it in format...anyway, it's available in 5 colourways, which you can see in both shops, etsy, and folksy. there's also a rather delicious larger A5 sketch/notebook available in two colours - i printed up a storm yesterday using different colour and design combos, so keep yer eyes peeled for them soon...have a happy weekend, y'all :)


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Kristy said...

They look fantastic! Well done.
I love the new sweetheart design too.

Nic said...

Oh my goodness. How utterly exciting that stationary is. I would be stroking it for days...and smiling everytime I even thought about it ;)
I love the new fabric too.

The Rainbow Room said...

I am SO excited for you!! I just love the's so fab! And the new print is gorgeous, I love working with hearts : )

Tara @ Aquamarine Art said...

Wowser! Love that stationery so so much! And the new design - so pretty.

monda-loves said...

saw these lovelies on flickr - you are a clever lady aren't you. Well done!

Not sure if you've heard of where you can order products from USA websites for shipping to the uk?
Might be a good way to get hold of some lusummers goodies!


Dana Barbieri said...

So pretty. Well done.

arlee said...

we just got the Galison catalogue at the gift/flower shop where i work--and i am slowly convincing the manager that we NEED your work :}