Thursday, 20 May 2010

me and my mum

so, the festival of quilts is occupying most of my waking thoughts lately, but the quilts i'm making on my own are under control, i know exactly what i'm doing with both of them. i've entered into the 'group quilts' category with mum to make us stop talking vaguely about doing a quilt together but to force us a few experiments have ensued, using my brightly coloured printed fabrics from this flickr set and a bit of quilting (i don't really want to exactly say how we create this effect, it's sort of a thing i played with years ago and am recreating now...) and viola! another quilt sorted. except for the actual printed fabric. and the quilting. and y'know, deciding on a design and size. and did i mention the entry form needs to be completed by next week? with the dimensions and all other relevant information? and did i happen to say that my mum is away right now, and as soon as she gets home we're off on our hols too? oh crap, how do i get myself into these situations...?!