Friday 13 August 2010

catching up...

the summer holidays are a funny time for a mum, or for me, more precisely - i've had more time at home and probably just as much time as usual to work, but it's more broken up into bits - an hour here and an hour there. consequently, i'm so aware that at any time i may have to abandon a project half finished that i'm finding it easy to get thing started, a lot harder to get things completed. my to-do list everyday looks pretty much the same.

things i've started and must get on with:

after selling off all old stock of notebook and sketchbooks, i've spent a long time fannying around designing/printing/assembling the new ones. these are nowhere near finished.

in an attempt to be more media ready (i want to start submitting things to the posh mags) i was advised to have 'cut outs' ready to send - i have been playing with this in photoshop. who knew something that looks so simple could be be so time consuming? i've managed one so far.

then i decided that my pile of printed fabric 'scraps' was getting out of hand and so spent time cutting and ironing them ready to be made into packs for the shop. sooooon!!! some listed here!

i really, really want to spend time creating a 'proper' range of fabrics for one of the quilting big boys. been thinking about this for a long time. am procrastinating big time. am scared.

i want to make a ton more screens for printing. i've been playing more with the handmade screens, i'm liking the effect very much.

i still haven't printed and photographed the new 'loops' design yet! must. do. that. soon.

sort out my poor neglected folksy shop, it's looking pathetic.

i've been playing with packaging ideas - i've had a lot of wholesale inquiries that i really must take advantage of, but my products are not 'shop ready', this needs sorting out asap.

i've made some little house blocks for 3 special little girls - i MUST get them finished and in the post !!!

all is not lost though, these are the things i've managed to actually finish or things that i have accomplished:

commission for a wedding (although need to get it in the post!)

i hit 1000 sales on etsy this week!

i had a play with my 2 new hand drawn screens and made a one off original print called loops and leaves.

i discovered that my prints, despite not being 'proper' repeats, look pretty cool in larger you can see in this piece i printed for an etsy customer...

hmmm, i think i need more things in my 'completed' list.... dare i say: roll on september?

how are your to do lists coming on during the summer holidays...?


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Christine said...

Wow lots of gorgeousness - I love the print :)

The Sewing Directory said...

I agree with you, roll on September, I'm getting no where. Out with my son all day and too knackered to work by the time I get back!

Only 3 weeks to go...

The Sewing Directory said...

I agree with you, roll on September, I'm getting no where. Out with my son all day and too knackered to work by the time I get back!

Only 3 weeks to go...


Am with you. How on earth do you do that on Photoshop? I have played around a bit but end up loosing a lot of my image, can you point anywhere for some guidance?

su49san said...

You bogged really long! It's good! I love the Loops & Leaves. The idea of layering the two patterns worked out great; both designs are so organic. They'd make pretty good tattoos. :-) Hope you're enjoying the last days of summer. (OK. That seems a little creepy, like last days of Summers. NOT! NOT!)

marie-louise said...

So many nice patterns you have!

sue bulmer said...

wow, 1000 etsy sales, bloody hell, amazing!! as for summer holidays lists... summer holidays = working every day to cover holidays = not getting any time to do my to-do list, def roll on september when i'm back to normal working patterns!!