Wednesday 8 September 2010

festival of quilts...part 2

so much has happened lately, i don't know where to begin...i'm so behind on everything, but i think i'll do separate blogposts over a few days (or even more than one post a day, gasp!) because there's stuff that doesn't relate to each other.

starting with the second bit of festival of quilts...

i'm afraid i forgot to write down the maker of this piece, i only took pics of two quilts (not including my own) from the whole show, i decided to only take pics of ones i'd want to take home with me, and this was one of them!

i enjoyed the time away with mum so much - it was really nice to spend time with her on my own for the first time in ages, and i also met some lovely lovely internet pals...i totally forgot to take any pictures though, what a wally. i'd arranged to meet up with katy, a member of the fat quarterly gang and as an extra bonus, she came along with two other amazing fat quarterly girls, brioni and tacha. i don't think i've ever laughed so much in my life. mum and i thoroughly enjoyed our day with them (and night, we didn't get to bed til after 1am, which for me is unheard of!) it wasn't til i got home and read the girl's blogs just how seriously talented these girls are. their quilts are not only utterly gorgeous, but the workmanship is second to none, i was super impressed with them all. i've been getting fat quarterly since it started, and it really is the best 'modern quilting' magazine out there, i'd seriously recommend it if you're into fresh, modern quilts.

the quilt above is called 'stormy skies over stauton beach' by sarah welsby, a member of committed to cloth

on day 2, mum and i stumbled into the 'committed to cloth' virtual studio. oh my god. i think we loitered there for hours...i learnt an amazing amount just watching the ladies printing, what a treat. claire and leslie are the founder members and they produce pieces of i suppose what's called 'art cloth' for use in their quilts or other personal work. they had a team of ladies printing and dyeing cloth, showing people different techniques from basic screen printing to a more involved technique called 'paper lamination'. both mum and i came away so excited about the possibilities!

i also went a bit mad buying fabric for various projects...including a quilt for our spare bedroom, and some dotty fabrics for over printing on...hmmmm...


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Claire Vincent said...

I've always wanted to go to the festival of quilts, it looks so cool - maybe next year.

I like the sound of you over printing the dots, I bet you make it work. Might check out the fat quarterly mag too, I love pouring over quilts but am not into traditional style-y ones, so thanks for mentioning it!

Kimberly Cardenas said...

Wow..! There is so much to be inspired from!I love it all! Must follow you(: Do you love fashion? Would love for you to support my fashion blog!