Saturday 28 May 2011

hexagon and star quilt progress

things have been a little bit crazy around here - so many on the go projects, lots of exciting things coming up in casa summers...3 that are so mind blowingly exciting i can't wait to share!

in the meantime, here's more quilt progress. i've not only neglected this blog but my poor quilt that was started in such a fit of excitement almost a month ago has been left abandoned in a pile. i've done so much computer stuff lately that i wanted a break from it, and this is perfect. so by the end of the half term break, this little beauty is going to be not only all 'starred' it's going to be pieced together too. i'm determined. (i decided that entering 4 quilts in to festival of quilts was madness, so i was kind to myself and i'm just entering this one.)

i've got a few other bits to share, but i'll save all that for later. have a great weekend! x

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Teasemade said...

Keep forgetting to tell you my best buddy a designer sort had never seen your things before and was mucho impressed when she saw it via the tutorial. She had a good old nose LOVED your port hole quilt and was muchly amused by your potty mouth, in fact I think she liked that best. I said I'd pass on the praise. xx