Saturday 30 July 2011

and we have a winner!

ok folks, it's the moment that 27 of you have been waiting for, the winner of the 101 patchwork projects book. the first person drawn out of the hat was number 24 which is auspicious as it's my birthday, but NO! this person is unknown! .....sorry unknown, but i did ask for an email address quite clearly in the post. so i've randomly generated another number and it's...DK from kentucky! yay! i shall email you right away DK for your postal address (& although DK didn't leave an email on the comment, it's on her blogger profile page for those of you green with envy and being pernickety about the rules ;)

the image has nothing to do with anything, i just couldn't bear not to have something pretty in my post. and it's photographic evidence that i don't kill every plant i come in contact with.

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