Monday 18 July 2011

so, what does one do...

...when the quilt that's been haunting one's dreams for the past 2 months has been finished and sent off to an exhibition? one starts another of course! and seemingly one starts speaking like the queen.

i started playing a while ago with these blocks, then revisited them yesterday and today, having a fine ol' time thinking i was being all designery and all that then i found this tutorial and then today, i saw this on aneela's blog. my blocks are like a hybrid of the two...weirdness.

right, i'm off to dine on roast swan, drag the corgis around the block and polish the crown jewels. catcha later.


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Unknown said...

absolutely bloomin wonderful perfect and gorgeous ... love em ..

Julie ... Lush! said...

Hi Lu, just wanted to congratulate you on the article about you and your work in Making magazine. I was enjoying a cup of Earl Grey in my gorgeous Summersville mug while I read it, ha!!