Thursday 18 August 2011

oh FoQ...

has it really been a week? blimey - i've packed quite a lot into that 7 days!
first up - festival of quilts...what a great laugh! i spent most of the time hanging around with the fat quarterly crew, handing out postcards and chatting and generally being silly...the above picture of hexagon and stars was nicked from katy because for some reason i didn't get one decent shot of it. i'm not sure if 'highly commended' counts as 'award winning' but that's what we got so mum and i were pretty chuffed. i got the judges comments back yesterday with the quilt and some lovely things were said. i was *really* happy with the way the quilt hang and felt very proud of it. it's a funny ol' thing putting work into exhibitions - it's a bit like putting a piece of yourself out there to be scrutinised and picked over - so it's a relief when it's well received (even though i heard one lady say 'it would have been nicer without the horrid purple'! hahahahaha!)
i also met up with never-met-before online pals lupin and kirsty and it was a delight to meet them at last.


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lamina@do a bit said...

Congrats!!! So glad it went really well!! It looks great in the photo! I love the horrid purple!!! :)

Cally said...

How dare she?! It looks great Lu, well done!

MILLY said...

Saw your winning quilt last year at the show. As I didn't go this year glad to be able to see your this years quilt here. Looks great, well done.

monda-loves said...

highly commended - well that's good BUT it should have won - IMHO. Lovely work Mrs.

DK said...

Congrats! I guess she just had it out for the color purple, 'cause I think it looks splendid.
P.S. I received the magazine this past week and it is marvelous! Thank you so much. I adore the little button.

diegoagogo said...

I LOVED this quilt & took several photos, how serendipitous that I have stumbled upon your blog & can compliment you "in person".
I have only just moved to the UK from Australia & the FoQ was an happy accident.
Hoping to find a quilters group in London soon so I can have a regular fix with others of my ilk.
Congrats on the Highly Commended. You was robbed!