Friday, 13 July 2007

get used to them, there's more to come

these are probably getting boring now, but i'm loving making them. again, this is unquilted and the pics of these are coming out rather poorly. i think it's the time of day i'm taking them, it's been hot, humid and grey today. anyhoo, this is called 'do your corrections' and has once again some of my school work as background, this time maths and my very, very awful work. every page on it had 'DO YOUR CORRECTIONS' scrawled across it, i swear i only got about three correct per page on average. 1985 was obviously not a good year for me and maths problems. if frank comes home with this sort of work in 6 years time, i'm gonna get him a pivate tutor. shame on you, mum and dad, why didn't i have a private tutor? oh, yeah, that's right i did. and i'm still crap at maths.
UPDATE: 18th july: the above pic is pretty poor, i have retaken it and it is available to look at here

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