Thursday 12 July 2007

one and two (or possibly two and three)

well hello there! i've been beavering away today, and have created the above collages for nahcotta. they are as of yet unquilted. the blue one is entitled "poorly mrs morley", this is because there is an example of my handwriting in an old school book as a 5 or 6 year old child used as part of the background saying: "today mrs morley is off sick and we are in mrs gibsons classroom, we must be good and quiet." (i can't help feeling that was something written on the blackboard for us to copy; i can't for the life of me imagine my 6 year old self being that pious.) the pink piece is called "spring bulbs need water to grow". in the background (very pale) is a beautiful (?) drawing from another of my old school books of snowdrops, daffodils and tulips. i still don't like the previous pink piece, don't know why, it just doesn't make me happy, so "spring flowers" will take it's place.

today i had to take my eldest son frank to have his starting-big-school injection. i had warned him that it would "feel like a sharp scratch" and may hurt just for a second, but i didn't actually tell him they stab you with a needle. until of course my mother (bless 'er) mentioned to him that they stick a needle in your arm and he turned to me and said: "a needle? don't be ridiculous grandma!?" and turned to me rolling his eyes as if to say, "crazy old bat, where d'you find her?" needless (oh, that was an unintentional pun!) to say he got a bit of a shock at precisely 3.45 this afternoon. but he was very brave and got a sticker with a drum on and a chocolate button. my kids are so easy to charm when it comes to stickers and chocolate buttons.

have a good evening/day/night/whatever, i'm off for a bag of crisps and a pimms! jeez, i'm a classy bird. chin chin!
UPDATE: 18th july: the above pics are pretty poor, i have retaken them and they are available to look at here

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joanne said...

I luurrvvvee your collages - very cool. Poor Frank ... only getting a sticker and a choc button?? you bet he is easy to please ... maybe he can come to my place and teach my greedy hooches a lesson!!!!