Wednesday, 11 July 2007

nahcotta number one

busy, busy, busy. reality struck me today and left me feeling queasy. art work wise i've been basking in the knowledge that nahcotta gallery wants little ol' me to participate in the enormous tiny art show ii, but i realised that i'd better get my skates on cos they want the goods by the beginning of september, and i want to send them by the end of august to be sure of them getting there on time. in between that i've got a wedding sampler to make, an abc one for my son's pre-school, my website to redesign, and my dreams of getting an etsy store up and running seem to be receding by the day. i seriously need to start making some money from this gig, i can barely pay the broadband bill as it is, and that simply would not do. while i work (see the above evidence, a piece for nahcotta, possibly to be called 'dates for examination'- not entirely convinced i'm pleased with it yet) anyway, as i was saying, while (or should that be 'whilst'?) i work i've been daydreaming about the lead singer of maroon 5 (don't even know his name) in a not altogether appropriate manner for a 32 year old happily married mother of two. ahem. back to work, methinks.

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joanne said...

oooh love your work! My daydreams change daily ... today was Dermot mulroney ( I dont even know if I spelt that right)