Friday 28 September 2007

lightly thinking of christmas

sorry to all you yuletide haters (i'm usually one of them. well, in september i am, by 24th december i'm quite excitable) but my thoughts have very lightly turned to christmas goods of late. so i asked my printer to do 'plant life' for me in red, just to see what it looked like. and i liked it, it's got a light christmas vibe about it. so there are just 10 of these babies waiting to be snapped up in the shop. but of course, a plant life print is not just for's for throughout the year too.

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Anonymous said...

Would make nice tags/wrapping paper? Like the red/white but perhaps a few less flowers for Chrimble?

I'd like to see in in white on a duck-egg blue as a year round design, meself.