Sunday 25 November 2007


funny old weekend this time around, cold and miserable. i'm feeling particularly glum, i think it's the general time of year. also feeling a little bit pissy because it's frank's 5th birthday on wednesday, and through no-one's fault, hardly anyone in sam or my family can make it. we usually have a little birthday tea with family from both sides, he's never been too bothered about 'proper' birthday parties, he likes having his 'people' around him. he's putting a brave face on it, but i can tell he's a little hurt. so i'm feeling glum. isn't that a weird word? glum, glum, glum. rhymes with bum.
anyhoo...the above sketch is called 'remark' and is available in my shop if you'd care to visit.


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Ali said...

It's very fitting that glum rhymes with bum. Never thought of it before, but it makes sense.

Can't wait for November to end. Pah.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the red. What other words rhyme with bum? Mum? A mum who's glum?