Thursday, 20 December 2007

ornament 4

oh, this is so great...little packages arriving most days from foreign's a nice antidote to 2 years olds with hideous ear infections waking up screaming every, and i mean every, 20 minutes last night. anyway, i digress. today's little piece of folded yumminess has come from margretta de vries, and is totally gorgeous...thank you so much, margretta! apologies for the strangely shaped pic; it's hard to get a shot of the tree without the rest of the crap in the background :)

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Mignon said...

Ugh, an ear infection at 2 is no fun. Hannah had stomach flu on Monday and that was equally evil. BUT, good news: they'll be better for Christmas day! Lots of wine, one decent night's sleep and you'll be good as new ;)
Lucie, thanks for all your kind words, really appreciate it.