Thursday 27 March 2008

a little bit o' new

i've actually been playing around in my lovely tidy workroom this week (it's been nearly a week since 'operation dead mouse' and it's still pretty sparkling...i'm being very strict with myself) and it's been a pleasure to be in there. and guess what? i'm producing some work! yay! so just a little etsy update above...two new sketchbooks and two new sketches in a little series i'm calling 'colour block'. i feel my gocco printer calling to me so i might crack that open at the weekend. ahhh, blissful. oh, and i bought myself a new toy today. if it comes tomorrow i'll show it to you. bit of a naughty (and slightly costly) purchase, but hopefully it'll pay for its keep, especially as i've got a couple of sales stands booked in the next couple of months.