Thursday 30 October 2008

7 is the magic number

right, i've been feeling guilty because i was tagged t'other day by lovely monda and i've been meaning to do it but haven't then got tagged again this morning by primrose corner which has got my bum into gear. rules as before, 7 random things, except i'm going to be a naughty blogger and not tag 7 more people - i'm too bloody lazy i'm going to offer it up to anyone who wants to do it...mmmmm...*scratches head* here goes (prepare for boredom...)

1) i'm a ferocious reader - i've always got a book on the go and i'm not fussy what it is (except sci-fi, can't do that i'm afraid.) in the last two weeks i've read:

the desperate diary of a country housewife - daisy waugh (fair to middling)

pitch black - susan crandall (fairly crappy though mildly entertaining trashy thriller)

playing for pizza - john grisham (weirdly about american football in italy, weirdly quite liked it!)

the love of her life - harriet evans (chick lit-y, but rather good. i remember crying a bit)

what became before he shot her - elizabeth george (very harrowing and pretty tragic)

random acts of heroic love - danny scheinmann (superb, i blubbed alot)

i'm in the middle of my favourite man, michael connelly's the brass verdict, which i'm really enjoying.

2) i can't take daniel craig as james bond seriously. actually i can't take daniel craig seriously full stop. never met the man, but to me he looks too fond of his own reflection. if i was a bond girl i'd be gutted as him as my bond. (this is coming from the girl who's favourite bond was timothy dalton, ha!)

3) my favourite film is probably 'big' followed closely by 'forrest gump'. i'm a hanks fan.

4) i'm bad at group things - i was a shit girl guide - i never had 10p for my emergency phone call or a safety pin or a hanky in my pocket to bind wounds.

5) i was (and suppose i still am) a tomboy - so much so that when i was at school, the teachers asked my mum if she secretly wanted another boy. i used to stand up to pee. i kid you not. (i don't do that anymore, you'll be pleased to hear)

6) you might know this one, but i swear like a docker.

7) i completely and utterly use my feminine charms to get my own way. i play with my (long blonde) hair, i flutter my eyelashes, the whole kaboodle. i'm not proud of myself, but it comes in handy, especially if i've got a flat tire.

so there you go - my soul laid bare just for you ;)


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monda-loves said...

OMG! My favourite film in the whole world is big! I must have seen it a million times.
I also like Tom Hanks movies, there has never been one I didn't like. Lots of people dis him, but I think he's fab, I especially like this phrase from castaway when he's talking to the football 'ahhh wilson'


all over the map said...

this was funny.
you are a ferocious reader. i don't like sci-fi either.
timoth dalton was my least favourite.
when i think of bond i think roger moore but i quite fancy daniel craig.
i totally did not get forrest gump ~ still don't. but big. yep, liked that one. (am i still welcome here?)
i was a tomboy of sorts but i remained seated. : )

Knit Sew City Girl said...

OMG, I've finally found someone who agrees with re Daniel Craig. I have not seen any of his Bond movies. I prefer Pierce Brosman and Sean Connery. But Roger Moore is really cool as well.

I'm a Tom Hanks fan also, BIG and Forest Gump are both on my favourite movie list. Yep Monda, Wilson the football was cool as well. :>


Gone to Earth said...

That was a great post and I agree about the Daniel Craig/James Bond thing - again preferring Piers Brosnan and Sean Connery. They at least look like real men and not men who should be stood in a Harrods window pretending that they're men.

Michelle Engel Bencsko said...

Good. This just means less competition in the "Those that believe Daniel Craig is completely perfect as James Bond" fan club president run! Oh, he's dreamy. I am taken with blondes for some reason (don't tell my husband, though I believe he suspects).

Me, You and Magoo said...

I've noticed you swear like a fecking navvy! it's funny though, it's big and clever despite what people might say to the contrary :)

Anonymous said...

ha I only just read this, boy you're gonna get some stick for this little lot LuBoy xx