Monday 26 January 2009


lots of stuff going on 'round here these days...i'm out of the habit of blogging which is awful, i feel out of the loop with everything. i've been a busy bunny though, i've finished my galison commission and i can't wait to see what they do with the work i've produced for them. it's a bit naughty i know, but i'm sneaking a peak just for you...i was messing around with my scans and love the effect of putting them into negative - so what you see here is not how it will look on the products, but you get the idea...

i've also put into practice something i've been thinking about for ruddy ages - my cotton fabric screenprints on hardback books. it isn't often that something ends up exactly how you imagined it would in your head, but that's what happened here, these are lovely to make and i love the end product, really clean and fresh looking. they'll be available in a little shop update this evening, done! and of course if you have any requests for colours and designs, sling me an email (luciesummers{at}yahoo{dot}co{dot}uk) and i'll see what sort of sketchbooky delight i can rustle up for you ;)
what else? i'm sure there's something else i need to tell you...but i can't think right now what it is...oh well, if i remember i might even post twice in two days, now wouldn't that be a shock?