Tuesday 10 February 2009


when i made my paper collage sketchbooks i used to get asked for larger sizes quite often. with this in mind, i've sourced some A5 (8.5x6 inches) sketchbooks (and notebooks too, just got to put an order in for those) and got jiggy with it printing some new covers. i'm going to enjoy experimenting with combinations of different screens and colours - the books are wider than my screens and rather than having some dodgy hand/eye registration going on, i thought i'd be a bit more inventive. this is the first one, and so far i'm a-likin' muchly. do you think if i went even bigger (A4) they'd work? what say you? opinions gratefully received :)


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Pair of Writers said...

Personally I wouldn't want it much bigger than this, but maybe that's just me. I do like what you are doing though - keep it up!

Sharon said...

I love the mix of prints and colour! Like the idea of A4 but not sure how much I'd use that size either, perhaps just make a couple.

Swirlyarts said...

I think this size is perfect but I would try a few at A4 size - I have a couple of A4 sketch books that I use. I love the combination of 2 lots of fabric too - it works well :)

louise35flower said...

I love the combination of fabrics the patterns work well together and I love the contrasting colours!
I would like to see more of the houses on the cover and have the pink print down the spine! Off to check out the shop!

Anonymous said...

A5 is better size for a journal, writing in. A4 is better size for sketching & sticking bits of stuff in. I agree with one of the other comments - put the cross hatch design on the the spin and back cover and let the more detailed design be showcased on the front.
And, I have some new designs that I'd love your feedback on(comment or email - whatever).