Monday 9 February 2009


me. i've been a really rubbish blogger lately, i'm sorry. i woke up this morning to find i'd sold my 199th item in the summersville shop! amazing, it's totally blown me away. i expect there will be a nice little surprise for my 200th sale :)

ohhhh, before i forget, i've just got hold of a load of lined notebooks the same size (A6) as my sketchbooks for those of you who don't like the idea of writing on blank pages. so you can write lists galore without risk of a downhill slide...(actually my pet peeve - i've been known to rip out pages when my writing goes south, it's the OCD tendency coming to the fore...) anyway, i'll be adding them to the etsy listings, and do shout if there's a pattern you'd like to see on a sketch/notebook - i can do a custom one for you.

what's been happening? well, nuthin' really - not much to report anyway, it's all a bit flat this time of year, isn't it? we managed to avoid the worst of the snow, although we've got more forecast this week. we did have fun in the snow - sam attached a sledge to his tractor and the boys and i were pulled along the fields at a surprising speed - that was brilliant, but it was snowing really heavily at the time, poor arth at the front looked like a mini snowman.

i'm slowly making corners of the new house feel more like home - i painted an old dresser pale blue for a dull area in the kitchen, and i'm thrilled to bits with it. now my coffee pots are on display, the house is much cheerier and less like a rental property!


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♥Dizzy Dolly♥ said...

Loooo Canoooo!!!!

About time you did a new blog!!!! Hope you are well


Anonymous said...


I AM that lucky 200th buyer.

Thank you so much for your generous inclusion - I love them. I wish you all the success that your beautiful products deserve.


Mrs. Keddy said...

You are not alone - I also have been known to rip out pages that just aren't pretty. OCD bloggers unite!